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Paul Pierce Wants To Play Longer Than Kobe, Duncan, Others

paul pierce

Recently Paul Pierce said he plans to play 10 more years, people took that as a joke but Pierce may have been serious. Pierce who will be turning 36 years old in October says his goal is to outlast the great players that are left of his generation:

As per the Boston Globe:

“Pierce said he will assess his future on a yearly basis, but he has one particular motivation left. ‘My goal is to outlast [Tim] Duncan, Kobe [Bryant], Dirk [Nowitzki], and KG, this is what’s left of that generation,’ he said. ‘I’m looking at all of them. We all are kind of in the same boat where [retirement] can happen in the next year or two. Vince [Carter] is in there. He’s still playing. They still look strong, so I want to continue to look strong.”

Pierce’s game doesn’t rely on athleticism, he is one of the more skilled players in the league therefore he probably could play a couple of more years at the level he is at right now if he remains healthy. He just came off a season in which averaged 19 ppg, 5 apg and 6 rpg, if Pierce can produce those type of numbers in Brooklyn they will be a nightmare to guard for opponents.

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