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Paul George: I Would Beat Kevin Durant 1 on 1

This past week Paul George said that Kevin Durant was the toughest cover in the NBA, even harder to defend than LeBron James. However, when George was asked about the one on one tournament NBA TV has been running in which fans vote who would win the featured match up, which in this case had Paul George vs Kevin Durant, George says he would beat Durant one on one!

As per the Oklahoman:

Kevin Durant: 

“Throughout the early part of this season, NBA TV has been running a hypothetical one-on-one tournament, matching the game’s greatest current players and allowing the fans to vote on who would win. The current showdown: Kevin Durant vs. Paul George. The in-progress fan results: Durant 66 percent to George’s 34 percent. ‘One-on-one, that’s what I do, that’s what I grew up on,’ Durant said when asked of the hypothetical matchup. ‘That’s how I kinda molded my game. So I feel as though he is one of the top one-on-one players and I am one of the top, as well. It’d be a good matchup. I won’t say who’d win, but it’d be a good matchup.’

Paul George: 

George, however, was more up front with his prediction when asked by NBA TV. ‘What am I going to do? Beat him,’ George said. ‘I think it would be tougher for him one-on-one. When we play them, he does a lot of movement, so I think it would be a pretty even match.’”

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