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Not Guilty: Derrick Rose Cleared of Rape Charges

    For the past few months, Knicks guard Derrick Rose repeatedly and calmly stated that he didn’t do anything wrong on that documented night in Los Angeles. This afternoon, a federal jury in LA ruled that Rose and his friends Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen did not rape the anonymous woman known as “Jane Doe” in August 2013.

    Rose and his friends have been cleared of all charges against them in the civil trial. This puts an end to a uncomfortable chapter for the former MVP, the Knicks and the NBA. Check out the details below via the LA Times:

    A federal jury in Los Angeles on Wednesday ruled that NBA star Derrick Rose and two friends did not rape a woman, handing the men a victory in a high-stakes civil trial.

    Rose, 28; Randall Hampton, and Ryan Allen had been accused of breaking into the woman’s Los Angeles apartment and having sex with her when she was incapacitated from a night of drinking and, she claimed, being drugged by the men.

    After roughly three hours of deliberations, the panel of six women and two men rejected those claims. They found instead that the evidence showed the woman, who had been in a relationship with Rose, consented to the late-night encounter in 2013.

    The eight-person jury alerted U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald at about 12:45 p.m. Wednesday that it had reached unanimous decisions on an array of allegations that a former girlfriend of the New York Knicks player had leveled against the men.

    No criminal charges have been filed in the case. The woman reported the incident to Los Angeles police two years after the alleged rape and LAPD officials have said they are continuing to investigate it.

    The 28-year-old has not appeared for the Knicks in a preseason game or a practiced with the team since October 4. He is expected to be back with the team on Friday.

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