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Nike Unveils Kobe Bryant’s Final On-Court Sneaker, the Kobe 11

On Monday Nike unveiled Kobe Bryant’s final on-court signature sneaker, the Kobe 11. Though they’ll most likely continue to make Kobe sneakers well after the Mamba’s retirement, this one will be special forever because it is the last sneaker that Bryant will ever play in.

The Kobe 11 which will drop on January 9, 2016 features the Greek God Achilles on the back of the right heel and four stitches on the left heel symbolizing Bryant’s Achilles injury in 2013.


Check out the performance details of the sneaker and more photos below via Nike.

The KOBE 11 is a progressive low-top that distills Bryant’s signature legacy to its essence: high performance, lightweight, responsive and sophisticated design. “The KOBE 11 design represents the whole being greater than the sum of the parts,” says Avar.

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