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Nick Young: ‘We Think We Could Make The Playoffs’

    It’d be crazy to think that the Lakers, a team who won just 17 games last year and finished 15th in the West, could go onto make the postseason this year. Well, off to a promising start and sitting at 6-4, this young-energetic team looks like they may be able to pull it off.

    The Lakeshow didn’t make any major roster changes or additions in the offseason, but they hired Luke Walton as their new head coach and he’s got this squad looking sharp. One of the key members for the Lakers in this surprising start has been veteran swingman Nick Young. Swaggy P, also known now as Uncle P, is averaging 14.7 points (3rd highest of his career) and a career-high 2.7 assists through 26.7 minutes per game.

    When asked if he thinks this Lakers team could make the playoffs, Young says the squad is confident they can get it done. Via OC Register:

    Have the Lakers shown enough to suggest they can compete for a playoff spot?

    “We think we could, for sure,” Lakers forward Nick Young said. “If we continue to play how we’ve been playing…..”

    Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson then interrupted Young and asked about the subject matter. After Young caught Clarkson up to speed, the two playfully chastised a reporter for bringing up the topic.

    “It’s not nice. You put pressure on these young guys,” Young said. “Now we have to make the playoffs when you said [before] we were the last team in the world.”

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