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Nick Young Says Kobe Bryant Is Better Than Michael Jordan

Many players that grew up in the post-Michael Jordan era are stars in today’s NBA, it’s very interesting hearing their opinions about their favourite players. One of the most popular players among the post-Jordan era is Allen Iverson, almost all the players we speak to always mention him as their idol and one of the greatest players ever.

However, when you ask them who the best player of their generation is, majority of them will immediately say Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba has achieved God-like status among his fellow teammates/stars that grew up watching him.  What is interesting is that most basketball analysts or old school NBA fans that grew up in the MJ era, usually don’t even put Bryant in their top five player of all-time list, but the new generation of NBA stars feels differently.

Just recently Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings went on a Twitter rant claiming that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player ever, even better than Michael Jordan. The latest player to put Kobe ahead of MJ is Bryant’s Laker teammate Nick Young. Young took to Twitter this evening calling Kobe the greatest player ever.


  1. real dot com

    September 6, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Kobe & Jordan are both gods, cut from the same cloth.
    But i do believe Kobe played in a tougher era, a way tougher conference against people in their prime.
    Duncan, dirk, kg, mello & now the newer generation.

    I dont know if jordan wouldve won 6 rings playing in the west every year.

    Kobe also had many player changes, coach changes, team rebuilding during his prime, that jordan never went through during his prime.

    And even when jordan retired, the bulls still made it to the eastern conference finals without him ..

  2. Miguel

    September 6, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    First off,MJ in his prime was more explosive, stronger and could jump higher than mamba. Shot better from the field. All true stats folks, do your research.He would be no match for a prime Jordan. Not to mention mj had better defense. Watching mj on YouTube don’t seem the same as watching it live. People this days see a cheap copy. Those of you that say mamba had better competition, they played harder and competed everyday in mj era.

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