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Nerlens Noel To Sign With Reebok




Coming out of Kentucky Nerlens Noel was projected to be the 1st overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft but on draft day he fell all the way to No.6 and was immediately traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Noel vowed to make all the teams that passed on him pay, the shot blocking big man is going to be hungry in his Rookie season and it will be interesting to see how he does in the NBA.

This week it was reported that Noel has signed a shoe deal with Reebok! The brand that made its mark on the basketball court in 1996 when NBA legend and icon Allen Iverson signed with Reebok had a great run throughout Iverson’s career and they have been releasing some hot classics these past two years but as far as on an NBA court they don’t really have a marquee player that can sell shoes for them anymore and they have taken a big hit as a basketball performance brand, almost to the point where there were rumors earlier this year when John Wall left them that they would be leaving basketball alone.

Via Slam Magazine:

Rookie center Nerlens Noel has tentatively agreed to an endorsement deal with Reebok, according to sources within the company….

“I don’t think I’m just a prototypical big man,” Noel said when reached on the phone at the shoot. “I think I’ll be able to sell shoes.”

They took a “time-out” and now will be attempting to come back strong with new players on their brand and they sure do have a lot of belief in this young rookie by signing the no.6 overall pick before he even played an NBA game. How will this move turn out for Noel and Reebok? Can he do the unthinkable and follow in the footsteps of former Sixers legend and Reebok’s biggest start Allen Iverson?

Reebok and Noel are both going to be on a mission this season.

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