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Nene: Carmelo Anthony Could’ve Been The Best Player In The NBA, But He’s ‘Too Selfish’

Carmelo Anthony is considered by many of his peers as one of the most lethal offensive forces in NBA history. If you ask an NBA star who the toughest players to guard are, Melo’s name has always and continues to always come up. Though he hasn’t had as much on paper success in the league as his fellow stars, Anthony is a Hall of Fame talent who has the ultimate respect from some of the games greatest players and that itself is huge.

However, Anthony’s former teammate Nene said that the now 33-year-old could have been the best player in the NBA but he was “too selfish” in an interview with Canal Chua, a news outlet in Portugal. Reddit user Albzim translated what the big man was saying about Melo in the interview above.

IT: So there’s this guy, tell me a little bit about him, Carmelo Anthony, one of the best scorers i’ve ever seen.

Nene: Carmelo man… He’s a guy who could’ve been the best player in the league, the way he uses his body, the accuracy on his shots, the variation of dribbles and shots that he has, and his low post fundamentals…

IT: And he’s insane on the post, his 6 inch jab step is the best in the league…

Nene: Yeah he is simply the best down there, but is just too selfish, he can’t make his teammates better, if he did that he could’ve been the best in the league. Oh, and if he played defense… Because he knows how to guard people, i played with him for 8 years, so i know…

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