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NBA GM Survey: LeBron James to Win Fifth MVP Award

Last week we learned that Vegas was picking LeBron James to win his fifth NBA MVP award in 2015-16 which was actually surprising as a soon to be 31-years-old, James doesn’t appear to have the energy or the team situation to actually win an NBA MVP award again.

The NBA’s GM’s are also picking James to win the MVP award in 2015-16. Almost 40 percent of the GM’s believe James will win his fifth MVP, which would tie him with Michael Jordan. According to the GM’s, James will beat out Anthony Davis to be crowned MVP in 2016. Via

> Who will win the 2015-16 MVP?

1. LeBron James, Cleveland — 39.3%
2. Anthony Davis, New Orleans — 25.0%
3. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 10.7%
James Harden, Houston — 10.7%
5. Stephen Curry, Golden State — 7.1%
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City — 7.1%
Last year: LeBron James — 67.9%

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