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NBA GM Survey: Anthony Davis Best Player to Start a Franchise With

If the NBA GM’s were given one player to start an NBA franchise with they’d pick Anthony Davis. In the latest front office survey, nearly 90 percent of the GM’s picked Davis as the best player to start a franchise with.

This makes perfect sense as Davis has already reached superstar status at the age of 22, and he hasn’t really even scratched the surface as a player. This offseason AD added about 12 pounds of lean muscle and strength, and he is also extended his range, so he is sure to take his game to a whole new level this season. Via

> If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?

1. Anthony Davis, New Orleans — 86.2%
2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 6.9%
LeBron James, Cleveland — 6.9%
Last year: LeBron James — 50.0%

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