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NBA Considering Starting 2015 NBA Finals Early

Nobody was expecting both NBA Conference Finals matchups to finish as sweeps, but the Warriors and Cavs (LeBron James) have been too good. The Rockets and Hawks were at times even considered favorites to win the series, but both teams haven’t even been able to consistently compete with their opponent and now both teams are on the verge of being swept.

With a high chance of both Conference Finals ending in a sweep, the NBA is considering moving the start of the Finals to June 2nd. The Finals were originally supposed to begin on June 4th, and if both series did indeed end in a sweep that means there would be a eight day break between the Conference Finals and NBA Finals.

Via CBS Sports:

With the Warriors up 3-0 on the Rockets and the Cavaliers leading 2-0 heading into Game 3 against the Hawks Sunday night, the league faces the possibility of an eight-day gap between the end of the Eastern Conference Finals and the start of the NBA Finals, scheduled for June 4.

Were both series to go seven games, the West would’ve concluded May 31 and the East on June 1, resulting in a two-day turnaround into the Finals.

But with the Warriors and Cavs surprisingly dominating their respective series — the Warriors can close out the Rockets Monday night, while the Cavs won the first two games of their series in Atlanta — the league is exploring a contingency plan. It’s complicated and unlikely, sources say, based on television commitments, hotel capacities, international media travel and other considerations. One person familiar with the discussions described them as being in the “very early exploration” stage.

One obvious potential issue would be arena conflicts, but there are no scheduled events at either Oracle Arena or Quicken Loans Arena that would make changing the start date of the Finals problematic from a building perspective. But network TV scheduling, hotel inventory in both cities and international travel loom large as obstacles to changing the scheduled start date.

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