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Could The NBA Academy Be In the Works?

It’s safe to say the NBA is not happy with their hands getting messy in the NCAA’s mess. Players, coaches and analysts are extremely critical of the corruption in the collegiate basketball system and it’s only a matter of time before a change comes.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the NBA could be in the process of changing the game by creating a program of their own for elite high school players to remain in the NBA/G-League system.

This could potentially be the NBA academy that has been mentioned in past years when discussing alternate options to the NBA instead of college.

Now, though, there is turbulence, as the underbelly in the youth and college basketball systems is being exposed. The NBA has watched it unfold. Seeing both a responsibility as the world’s leading basketball league and an opportunity to move in on valuable territory, the league is preparing to get involved again with elite high school basketball players, multiple sources told ESPN.

But Silver’s aim is much more comprehensive than simply re-opening the door for 18-year-olds to play in the NBA, sources said.

A plan is expected to include the NBA starting relationships with elite teenagers while they are in high school, providing skills to help them develop both on and off the court. It would ultimately open an alternate path to the NBA besides playing in college and a way 18-year-olds could earn a meaningful salary either from NBA teams or as part of an enhanced option in the developmental G League, sources said.

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