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Nate Robinson Tried Out for the Seattle Seahawks

Former Pelicans guard Nate Robinson announced that he wanted to be the first NBA player to make the switch to the NFL back in March, and today he took the first step.

The 32-year-old tried out for his hometown Seattle Seahawks as a defensive back on Monday morning. Though they didn’t sign him, the Washington Post is reporting that the two sides will stay in touch with each other.

Former NBA point guard Nate Robinson tried out for the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, according to two people close to the situation. Robinson tried out with the team as a defensive back. It’s his first tryout with an NFL team as the 32-year-old has previously expressed interest in pursuing an NFL career.

It appears unlikely that the Seahawks will sign Robinson immediately, but the two sides will stay in touch.

Robinson, a Seattle native, last played football at the University of Washington in 2002. He played in all 13 games at cornerback, starting in the final six games of the season, before dropping the sport and focusing on basketball. Robinson also played both sports at Rainier Beach High, totaling 21 touchdowns and more than 1,700 total yards as a senior.

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