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Mo Williams Reveals that LeBron James Approval Is Needed to Play for Cavs

There is no doubting that LeBron James is basically the GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ever since making his return to the team last year, the four-time MVP has been overseeing all front office moves.

James literally has the final say in all of the moves.

This summer the Cavs brought back James former teammate Mo Williams but according to Mo it couldn’t have gone down without James approval.

Williams reveals that you have to call James and check if it’s cool to join the Cavs. Via NOMG:

If a player has any desire of suiting up for the Cleveland Cavaliers, they have to check in with LeBron James.

It’s protocol.

A blessing from James goes a long way in getting management to increase their intensity level in signing that particular free agent.

“Yeah, you have to call. This is his team,” Mo Williams, who played two seasons with James in Cleveland from 2008-10, told Northeast Ohio Media Group. “That’s no secret. The conversation was made and the feeling was mutual. It was a good conversation.”

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