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Michael Jordan Torches the Vancouver Grizzlies (95-96)

The Warriors fell to 55-6 on the season as they were upset by the Lakers on national television on Sunday afternoon. The Warriors were in great position to beat the Bulls legendary 72-10 record from the 95-96 season to achieve the greatest regular season record in NBA history, but this loss may just have jeopardized that. If the Dubs lost four more games on the season, they could only tie the record the Bulls set 20 years ago.

When a team is this good, there are nights where they sleep on an opponent and end up losing a game they should have easily won. The Warriors almost had this happen against the dreadful Sixers this year too, but Harrison Barnes saved the day.

Back in that 95-96 season, the Bulls nearly lost to the Vancouver Grizzlies. It was Michael Jordan’s first time playing in Vancity and the crowd was buzzing. Jordan only had 8 points at the half. With the Grizzlies up in the start of the fourth, someone from their bench decided to talk smack to Jordan which gave him the fuel to go off for 19 points in the final six minutes of the game to bring the Bulls back and lead them to the six point win.

At the 5:05 mark in this game, Chicago took an 87-81 lead over Vancouver on a MJ fadeaway. Rumor has it that Jordan looked at the bench and said “Shut up, you little b**ch” to the player that fired him up early in the quarter.

The Bulls would go onto lose to the other Canadian team that year, the Raptors. So yes, the Vancouver Grizzlies almost made the Bulls go 71-11 that season, then Michael Jordan happened.

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