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Michael Jordan Made More Money off Sneaker Sales Last Year Than His Entire Career NBA Salary

With the value of sneakers higher than ever and the industry booming, Michael Jordan’s remains atop as the sneaker king. The greatest player of all-time legitimately has an empire and the crazy thing is it’s only growing.

Jordan reportedly earned more money in 2014 off sneaker sales than he did in his entire playing career in the NBA. That says a lot about the state of NBA contracts in the 80’s and 90’s, but it speaks volumes about what Jordan has done with his brand.

MJ earned $100 million in Jordan’s last year, which is $6 million more than his total NBA salary. Jordan Brand reportedly makes up 90 percent of basketball shoe sales!

Mike stays winning. Via PBS:

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Not only have sneakers become an icon in American pop culture (seemingly since Run DMC’s “An Ode to the Adidas Superstar”) but sales of the popular footwear are big business, to the tune of about $34 billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone.

This represents roughly 40 percent of the industry worldwide, estimates Matt Powell, a sport industry analyst from NPD Group and contributor to Forbes.

In the U.S., Nike and subsidiary Jordan Brand account for more than 90 percent of basketball shoe sales, Powell said.

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