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#MJBirthday – Michael Jordan Drops 53 Points vs Pistons (1996)

On his 53rd Birthday, we take celebrate Michael Jordan’s greatness by looking back at one of the twelve 53-point performances of his career. This one takes place 20 years ago against Grant Hill’s Pistons, the year the Bulls went an NBA-best 72-10.

Jordan had 11 rebounds and 6 steals to go with the 53 points which was a season-high at that point.

There have been debates over the years as to who the best player of all-time is, but really there should be no debate. Jordan was basketball perfection, and we haven’t seen anything quite like it till this day.

The finesse, the hang-time, the skills, the swagger, the killer-instinct…Mike was truly a gift from up above.

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