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Michael Jordan Once Asked P.J. Tucker Where He Got Rare Retro Jordans

Rockets forward P.J. Tucker is known as the biggest sneakerhead in the game. The 32-year-old is said to have one of the deepest sneaker collections among NBA stars, which includes retro Jordans that people have never even seen before. What makes Tucker the NBA’s sneaker king is that he isn’t afraid to rock retros and Yeezys on the court. During his appearance on ‘Sneaker Shopping With Complex’, Tucker spent $16,000 and shared an epic sneaker story. P.J. reveals that when he was a member of the Suns and they were in Charlotte taking on the Hornets, his Shawn Marion Retro 5’s caught the attention of Michael Jordan himself. Tucker says MJ asked him where he got those and he was left speechless. That’s crazy.

Joe La Puma: You’re playing in the Shawn Marion 5s, someone yells, ‘Where’d you get those?’ It was MJ.
P.J. Tucker: Crazy.

JLP: What was it like to have a shoe he didn’t even get?
P.J.: I’m literally in the corner and like I just hear somebody calling my name, and in NBA games that happens all the time. But that voice was distinctive and I knew who it was. So as soon as I turned around and seen him, I couldn’t even respond. It was crazy.

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