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Michael Beasley Headed Back To The Miami Heat

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After being waived by the Phoenix Suns for being charged with marijuana possession Michael Beasley has been signed by the same team that drafted him no.2 overall in 2008, the Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat website reported this:

“Michael had the best years of his career with us,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “We feel that he can help us.”

Beasley, who was originally drafted by Miami in the first round (2nd overall) in the 2008 NBA Draft, appeared in 159 games (97 starts) with the HEAT and averaged 14.3 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 27.3 minutes while shooting 46.1 percent from the field. In his two seasons in Miami, Beasley helped guide the HEAT to two consecutive postseason berths, appearing in 12 playoff games (four starts) and averaging 11.4 points and 6.7 rebounds while shooting 40.9 percent from the field.

This could be a huge move for the Heat, years ago when Beasley was coming into the NBA he was almost picked no.1 over Derrick Rose. He was a beast at Kansas State and has had a solid career so far in the NBA. However he has had many run ins with the law and has been an off court problem to say the least, Beasley is someone who has the talent to be attracting interest from a lot of teams but they chose to stay away from him because of the baggage that he comes with.

But what do the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat have to lose by bringing in Beasley? Nothing. This move is totally worth the risk, how big of a steal would it be if Beasley finally panned out! He can’t screw this up, this is it! If he messes up in Miami than he will most likely be out of the NBA for good, he is playing on the NBA Champion Miami Heat one of the greatest teams of the generation and they have one goal and that is to win an NBA Championship and they are not going to allow any distractions to get in the way of that, which is why he is signed to a non guaranteed contract.

Beasley will need to be on his best behavior this season, he needs to come in focused and work hard and play the role he is given. He needs to show that he wants to be in Miami. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are great leaders who will there best to bring out the best in Michael Beasley because he has some serious potential.

This could be a huge steal for the Heat, entering his sixth season in the NBA, Michael Beasley is still only 24 years old! He has career averages of 14.1 ppg and 5 rpg and can be a great all around player. He has a lot to prove and if he comes out playing at a high level like he was supposed to than he can be one of the main reasons the Heat have a 3peat.


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