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Metta World Peace: “The Lakers Are Going To The NBA Finals”

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This year ESPN predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would finish 12 in the West, this ranking was laughed at by some and some said it was right on. Former Laker Metta World Peace who is getting ready for his season in New York believes that the Lakers will make the Finals, though he does say a lot of crazy things he truly believes the Lakers will get to the Finals.

Here is what he said(Report via ESPNNewYork):

“I think the Lakers are going to go to the NBA Finals,’ World Peace said during a signing for his children’s book ‘Metta’s Bedtime Stories’ in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday. ‘I think Kobe [Bryant’s] gonna be healthy, they’re gonna get Pau [Gasol]. The Lakers are gonna make a big trade like they always do. They’re gonna get another good player, boom, boom, and they’re gonna go to the Finals. I believe it. Kobe’s gonna come back, he’s gonna play team ball, and Pau’s gonna play well.

It is still pretty hard to predict where the Lakers will finish this season, there are so many factors that will come into play during the season that will give us a better idea of how good this Lakers team will be. But who really thinks they will make the Finals again?

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