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Metta World Peace: ‘I’m Still One of the Best Small Forwards in the World

As early as last week, Metta World Peace was reportedly very close to signing with the Lakers. However, Metta says nothing is guaranteed as of yet as far as him making a return to the NBA goes.

The former All-Star explains that he still very much has the ability to play in the league but the politics of the NBA and his controversial history have teams passing on him.

The 35-year old is as confident as ever, Metta says that he is still one of the best small forwards in the world and could take anyone’s spot if he “really wanted to”.

Via NY Daily News:

But World Peace told the Daily News that he and Kupchak haven’t talked about his return yet.

“Me and Mitch have a cool relationship but we have not talked about me coming back to the Lakers,” World Peace told the News. “I call Mitch about other things. We just have a good relationship. Whether I come to the Lakers or not, me and Mitch would still be cool.”

“I don’t really know, honestly,” he said of what he will do this coming season with training camp approaching. “I work out. I’m still one of the best small forwards in the world but my career has been up and down.

With my career being up and down, some teams are like, ‘Can we use Metta World Peace, where is he going to fit in? Is he going to be good for the rookies? Can he still play?’ I’m still one of the best small forwards in the world so that’s not a question. But the question is can I actually fit into a team and can a coach coach me? Those are realistic questions and it’s cool. I still train to be one of the best.”

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