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Men’s League: Week 13 Schedule (May 23)


Below is the schedule for week 13 of the Ball Don’t Stop Vancouver Men’s Basketball League.

 **Please remember to wear dark/white numbered reversible jerseys and arrive to your game on time, we will DQ teams if they do not make it to games on time. **


LOCATION: 10677, 124th Street, Surrey, BC

***Schedule is subject to change***


Saturday (May.23)


BYE: Pippen Ain’t Easy


2:00 pm  –  Kings vs Golden Earz Mountain Hot Boyz

3:00 pm  –  Thunderkatz vs Rookies

4:00 pm –   Splash Waterfalls vs Let It Fly

5:00 pm –  Cherkasky Mavpy vs Rock

6:00 pm – Can Us vs OG Tune Squad



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