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Ball Don’t Stop Training Membership

The Ball Don’t Stop Training Membership is the ultimate basketball performance development program in British Columbia. Players will receive intensive, on-court skills training, lessons and strength and conditioning training.

Check out all the details and training videos below. You will be able to register at the bottom of the page.

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*The Ball Don’t Stop Training Membership program launches on March 1, 2015.*

All the workouts, drills and instructions players will receive throughout the program are designed to take their game to an elite level. Every athlete in the program will be pushed hard during their sessions to ensure that they make serious improvements on the court. All of our programs are designed to help our players improve their weaknesses and maximize their strengths. Players will go through intense and unique workouts/drills that are performed by NBA All-Stars on a daily basis.

Each player will also receive a training manual loaded with workouts and drills that they can perform at home, as well as a nutrition/lifestyle manual. This program is designed to improve each players overall game, we will literally work on all aspects of each players game. Check out some of the things we will cover throughout the program.

Ball Don’t Stop Training Academy Features: 

  • Develop and improve your on-court skills.
  • Improve shooting, ball handling, finishing at the rim, passing, post-game.
  • Become a better scorer, defender and leader.
  • Increase your basketball IQ (in-game situations, defensive concepts, offensive and defensive awareness and more)
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Improve your athleticism, become a dominant athlete. (jump higher, run faster, get stronger, quicker, develop explosiveness, improve mobility and flexibility.)
  • Improve your confidence and mental toughness.
  • Increase your knowledge about the game of basketball.
  • Improve your nutrition/lifestyle.


        The training academy is open to girls and boys from ages 6-17. We will place individuals in groups based on age, gender and experience.

To register for the Ball Don’t Stop Training Academy Membership fill out the form below! (Spots are limited). If you have any additional questions you can e-mail



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