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Marcin Gortat Wants To See In-Game Fighting In The NBA

Marcin Gortat wants the NBA to allowing in-game fighting the way the NHL does. It seems like Gortat feels like the league is too soft! However, don’t expect the NBA to ever allow in-game fighting, the league has tightened up over the years to the point where even a shove can result in a one-game suspension. Can you imagine players having one-on-one fights? It would totally change basketball forever. Gortat explained this in a interview with ESPN’s Kyle Weidie:

I would say I would loosen up a little bit the rules about the fighting fines. That’s what I would loosen up. Because today you go to an ice hockey game, and the one thing they’re waiting for is a fight, you know what I’m saying? So if they could set it up something like that in the NBA. That if there are two guys and they have a problem, if they could just separate everybody. And these two people that have problem, if they could fight …

During the game?

During the game. Quick, 15-20 seconds, throw few punches, then referees jump in and break this thing up. I think the game … these two guys, they resolved their problem. They’re both suspended and they’re leaving. But end of the day, they fix the problem between each other, fans are super excited, and I think that would be a pretty cool idea [chuckles].

You’d need bigger refs. You couldn’t have Dick Bavetta out there.

At some point when the referees jump in, then you’d have to stop. You’d have to stop. So I think that would be a great idea, just like the ice hockey fans waiting for that, that’s would NBA fans would get into, as well.

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