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Magic Says Showtime Lakers Would Sweep Warriors, Draymond Green Reacts

With fans and experts mentioning the current Warriors as the greatest squad in NBA history, but Lakers legend and president Magic Johnson brushed their greatness off during an American Express event on Monday. Arash Markazi with the transcript:

“Showtime” Lakers vs Warriors. Who wins?

Magic: “We gon’ win. We would probably sweep ‘em. They’re too small.”

Pat Riley: “Try putting somebody on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

Magic: “Zaza, I’m sorry.”

Draymond Green reacted to Magic’s claim during a media scrum today by simply laughing.

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  1. Chris Brown

    June 8, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    It amazes me that a team that had only won one championship and that was due to Cleveland being without Kyrie and Kevin Love because the next year the same team healthy set an NBA record by beating them when being down 3 games to 1. And now after they had to go out and get another All-Star to try to compete with Cleveland this team is getting compared to the lights of a 5 time championship team. Are you freaking kidding me? Does anyone else see the fact that Golden State’s undefeated playoff run is due to the fact of injuries to Star starting players of their opposing teams? There’s no way they sweep San Antonio if they have Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard and they might not have beat him at all. The reason to continue this discussion is leading up to the fact that golden state has not been challenged there for arrested to play Cleveland who if had had any support from their role players and bench players would have stopped this so-called epic undefeated run. And without a doubt I believe Cleveland Beats Golden State for the championship if those veteran players had stepped up

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