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LeBron James Says “There Is No Real Rivalry In The NBA”

Last night the Pacers took on the Heat for the first time since game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pacers came out on top 90-84. Fans and “basketball experts” around the world hyped this match up as a big time rivalry and the Heat tried to downplay it all day. LeBron James stated prior to the game that there is no real rivalry in the NBA, James thinks its crazy that the Pacers are being considered their rivals just by playing them once in the Playoffs.

Do you agree with James comments below? He does make a good point.

“What is a rivalry these days?” he pondered rhetorically. “A rivalry is Celtics-Lakers. They met like four out of five years. Bulls-Pistons. Those are rivalries. We’ve played these guys two years in the playoffs and guys automatically make it a rivalry. There’s no real rivalry in the NBA these days. You don’t see the competition enough. These teams are really, really good teams striving to win a championship. But rivalries, man? There are no more rivalries.

“It’s the truth. I’ve thought about that. There’s no more rivalries. There isn’t. Cowboys-Redskins is a rivalry. Ohio State and Michigan is a rivalry. Duke and North Carolina is a rivalry. [Dwyane Wade interrupts with, ‘Bears-Packers’] Bears-Packers is a rivalry.”


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