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LeBron James Says He Has ‘Nightmares’ About 2015 NBA Finals

LeBron James is now 2-4 in the NBA Finals with his most recent defeat coming to the Warriors in Game 6. Although James’ Cavs were shorthanded in this series with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love out, there is still a lot of pressure to get it done on the grandest stage if your the best player in the world no matter what the situation is.

James looked devastated after his second straight Finals loss and for one of the first times he has actually come out and spoken about the loss and how he’s dealing with it. James revealed to Bleacher Report that he still has nightmares about the loss.

The four-time MVP also talks about his approach to the next season and says that he hasn’t reached his peak as a player yet.

“I just don’t feel like you ever move on from losing in the Finals,” James said, “because you feel like you’re right there and feel like you have the opportunity to do something special. … I can never get away from losing in the Finals.”

“I guess there’s nightmares now about situations throughout the games that’s always replaying in my head,” James said. “It’s definitely difficult, you know I’m getting better every day, but you know it takes quite a while for me to get out of the funk.”

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