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LeBron James Prepared to Play Less Minutes This Season

No player in the world has played as much basketball as LeBron James has in the past five years. The four-time MVP has given it his all in five straight Finals appearances and also played on the 2012 Gold Medal winning USA Olympic team.

Simply put, he is tired as hell. Especially after the effort he put in this past season. On top of that his desire to be the absolute best he can be has led him to work harder than ever this offseason.

Simply put James doesn’t want to get burnt out and and he even admit that he could use a few extra months off. He also revealed that he and coach Blatt are deciding that he should play less minutes this coming season.

James’ minutes are going to come down this year, Blatt said, even though they were at a career low last year. He did indeed average 36.1 minutes in 2014-15, the lowest of his 12 pro seasons. Via

“I think that’s a coach Blatt, myself conversation,” James said Monday when asked about his minutes. “We haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’m very hard headed, I am, because I love to play so much. But I think (with) what we have, I don’t need to be as hard headed. I think I’ll be very smart with how many minutes I play per game and what I’m doing on the floor.

“I think we have enough pieces to (reduce James’ minutes),” James continued. “And I think Kevin Love will allow me to sit a lot this year just because of his ability, what he’s able to do. Kyrie as well. So I won’t have to worry about playing big minutes this year.”

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