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LeBron James Pays Homage to Tim Duncan, Calls Him ‘Greatest PF Ever’

In what could have been one of their final matchups against each other, Tim Duncan’s Spurs defeated LeBron James Cavs 99-95. With everyone caught up in Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, people are forgetting that the 39-year-old Duncan is also likely to call it a career after this season.

The way James approached The Big Fundamental following their game on Thursday night kind of felt like it was the end of a great rivalry. Duncan has been responsible for two of James NBA Finals losses (2007 and 2014) and Bron has been able to understand the legendary forward more than most players.

He posted a heartfelt tribute to Instagram following the game. The Spurs visit the Cavs in Cleveland on January 30th in what could be the final matchup between James and Duncan.

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