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LeBron James: ‘We Need a Point Guard’

The Cavs made a big move yesterday by acquiring sharpshooter Kyle Korver, a player that is tailor-made for a LeBron James team. As happy as the King must be with this move, he still isn’t completely content with the roster. James said that the Cavs still need to get a backup point guard for Kyrie Irving. Rookie Kay Fedler is the Cavs backup PG right now, and James strongly believes that his squad needs a third string PG for security. Via NEOMG:

“We still got a couple more things we need to do,” James said Friday, when asked if Cleveland’s pending trade with Atlanta for Korver was a “championship move.”

“We gotta get a point guard,” James said. “It’s my last time saying it. We need a point guard.”

“I think that’s the next step and uh you know, you look at our league, most teams have three point guards,” James said. “We only have two with Ky and our rook in Kay (Felder). I think just having that secure blanket. Every NFL team has three quarterbacks. Having that secure blanket in case of a (Derek) Carr, (the Raiders quarterback who was injured just before playoff time). We’ll see what happens, but, we’re happy with our team right now.”

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