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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Wanted to Join the Bulls in 2010

    From the moment he came into the NBA, Dwyane Wade had always been linked to the Chicago Bulls. It was natural because Wade is a Chicago native, but you could just always picture him in that red and white Bulls uniform.

    He eventually joined his hometown team at the age of 34 this past offseason, but he recently revealed that it almost happened back in 2010. Wade says that he and LeBron James actually wanted to play in Chicago during their league-changing free agency in the summer of 2010, but the Bulls couldn’t make it work so they set their sights on Miami, where they went onto win two NBA Championships. Via Chicago Tribune:

    “I know LeBron’s eyes were here,” Wade said after Thursday’s practice. “I know my eyes were here.”

    Calling the idea that he, James and Chris Bosh engineered their move to the Heat at the 2008 Beijing Olympics “a crazy notion,” Wade even confirmed what the Tribune and another media outlet reported in 2010 — that the Bulls had discussions with the Clippers about moving Luol Deng into salary cap space to make way for the same Big Three that took their talents to South Beach and four straight NBA Finals appearances.

    “It would be a different story,” Wade said, when asked if the Bulls had been able to move Deng. “It was something they talked about. They were very open with us with what they were trying to do. They heard the news of Miami being able to bring three players in. But it never happened. So we never had to think that far.

    “I mean, this was a place I wanted to play. It was a place LeBron also loved. We loved the city of Chicago. It’s a great market as well. Obviously, the sunny sun of Miami is great too. We had two great choices.”

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