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LeBron James Cleaned The Cavs Messy Locker Room on Saturday

    The Cavs apparently aren’t the cleanest of teams in the NBA. LeBron James, who has always had respect for locker room attendants had to pick up after his teammates following the Cavs 108-105 preseason win over the Sixers. James wasn’t happy at all about the mess his teammates left behind.

    According to reports, a frustrated James was seen picking up teammates dirty laundry and hoped that this won’t happen again once he talks to the team about it. Via NEOMG:

    The last two players in the locker room Saturday night were LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

    Irving wound up talking to the media before James. While Irving was talking, James was picking up laundry. Seriously.

    The three-time champion, four-time MVP took not just his own laundry bag to the locker room attendants, but picked up off the floor an additional five or six laundry sacks that were strewn about The Q locker room by teammates who had left.

    “Hopefully I only have to say something once,” James said, promising to address the laundry littering with the Cavs. “Can’t leave the locker room like that.”

    James has always been a stickler for respecting locker room attendants, so the behavior he showed Saturday night is no surprise.

    Some of the players who used to locker next to him — Matthew Dellavedova, J.R. Smith — aren’t here. Perhaps the perpetrators were mainly the guys who will be cut in two weeks? Irving, for one, handed in his soiled garments after his media session was done.

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