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Kyle Kuzma: Isaiah Thomas Wanted To ‘Kill’ The Cavs Last Night

Isaiah Thomas spent 15 games with the Cavs and it changed the complexion of his career. In what was a bad basketball fit, Thomas was unfairly scapegoated and his stock took a hit because of it. IT, who now comes off the bench for the Lakers, got to take on his former squad last night and he showed out. The reigning All-NBA second team member had 20 points, 9 assists and 5 rebounds in the Lakers 127-113 victory and he made sure to let the Cavs know about it all game. Thomas’ teammate Kyle Kuzma says Isaiah wanted to “kill” the Cavs last night and was barking at their bench throughout the whole game.

“He was barking at Cleveland’s bench the whole time, every time he scored.” […]

“He was only there for 15 games, but it was good to see him try to kill them. We have a saying: Your last team, they didn’t want you.

“He took it to them, and he did a great job.”

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