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Kobe Bryant Throws Down Vintage Reverse Dunk vs Clippers

Coming into the 2014-15 NBA season we knew Kobe Bryant had a lot to prove to the world, but more importantly to himself. Bryant, 36, is coming off two major career-threatening injuries and he remains obsessed with playing the game at an elite level. During the off-season, Bryant spent a lot of time getting his body ready for the closing chapter of his career. We were expecting the Black Mamba to play at a high level, but we didn’t think he’d have the same explosiveness from years ago. We were wrong.

Bryant has been moving very well in his first three games of the season. His lateral quickness, his speed, his strength, every cut he is making looks quick and crisp, he isn’t looking winded at all either, but what is most surprising is his lift. We didn’t expect Kobe to be able to ever get off the floor like this again.

On Friday night Bryant blew by Matt Barnes, went baseline and threw down a vintage reverse dunk that almost blew the roof off the Staples Center. This guy is 36 years old! Very impressive.

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