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Kobe Bryant Scores 55 Points (42 in 1st Half) vs Michael Jordan, Wizards

During the early 2000’s one of the hottest arguments in basketball was “Who’s the next Jordan?”. In his early years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant had a lot of pressure on him as he was always compared to Mike, but he stepped up and took on the challenge better than anyone ever could. Though he says he never wanted to be compared to Jordan, it’s almost hard to believe that Kobe didn’t love the comparisons, as matter of fact they seemed to push him to another level.

When Mike returned as a Wizards, many stars that grew up idolizing MJ had the honor of sharing the same floor as him and Money took advantage of that. Kobe on the other hand was out to kill. On March 28, 2003, a 24-year-old Bryant put up 55 points which included an incredible 42 point first half against Jordan and the Wizards. Bean was an absolute monster in these days.

In this iconic battle between the greatest player of all-time and the greatest player, post the greatest player of all-time, Bryant was rocking a pair of Retro Air Jordan 8 sneakers.

At this moment the world saw Kobe Bryant pretty much take the torch from Jordan.

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