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Kobe Bryant Scores 44 Points In Loss To Warriors

Kobe Bryant went off for 44 points in a 136-115 loss to the Warriors on Sunday night. It was Bryant’s first 40 point game since April of 2013, he became the oldest player to score 40 + points in a game since Shaquille O’Neal did it back in 2009.

Kobe is currently the second leading scorer in the NBA with an average of 27.3 points per game. This Lakers team maybe one of the worst in franchise history, but you have to applaud Bryant for his positivity thus far, he realizes this is the final chapter of his career and that it may not be filled with as much team success as he had in his peak years.

This dude is a warriors and continues to play at an elite level, it won’t matter where the Lakers finish this year in the Western Conference, Bryant is out to prove a point to the people that have doubted him for the past few years, and he is already doing it.

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