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Kobe Bryant Plays Final NBA Game, Scores 60 Points

On a night which felt like a spectacle in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant played the final NBA game of his career. You could tell Bryant was pumped for this game and wanted to go out on top, with people knowing that he still has some basketball left in his legs. With no minute restrictions and fear of injury in his last game, Bean was doing whatever he wanted on the floor and it led to an incredible 60 point performance.

The Mamba literally blew the roof off Staples via his introduction which was followed by an electrifying 15 point first quarter. After finishing with 22 in the first half, Kobe scored six straight points at the beginning of the third quarter, putting himself in great position to score 40 on the night.

As seen above the five-time NBA Champion got an amazing tribute at the start of the game and the crowd was behind him the entire game, but it may have fired some extra energy into his legs as he came out firing in the fourth quarter, bringing the Lakers back into the game.

In a finish that dreams are made of, Kobe Bryant went onto hit some signature clutch shots and finished with 60 points while leading the Lakers to the comeback win. Check out the highlights above.

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