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Kobe Bryant Picks James Harden for 2014-15 NBA MVP

Kobe Bryant weighed in on the MVP race and admit that it was a very tough choice between Steph Curry and James Harden. The 2008 MVP says he gives the edge to Harden for this years award.

This isn’t as surprising though as Bryant has been in Harden’s position multiple times before, having to carry a lesser team into the playoffs literally on his own.

Harden earned the Rockets the second seed in the West with Dwight Howard missing for majority of the season. Via Lakers Nation:

Bryant explained, “That is a tough call, you have James [Harden] who has been playing consistent all through the season. Steph [Curry], who has been doing phenomenal things. That is a tough call for me but I would have to say James [Harden].”

He goes on to say, “[James Harden] had to keep that team afloat. I think the team actually got better, when he went down. Which is hard to do. So I think with the responsibilities he had to deal with this season I’d vote James [Harden].”

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