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Kobe Bryant Opens Up in Much Anticipated Interview

For a few weeks the NBA had been airing snippets of Kobe Bryant’s interview with NBA TV’s Ahmad Rashad, and on Monday night the world was treated to this one-hour special which featured one of the games greatest players and most intelligent minds taking a trip down memory lane and talking about a number of important topics that had everyone glued to their TV screens.

Ahmad Rashad asked some great questions in this interview, and Bryant was authentic as always. The most exciting thing we learned from this one-hour special is that Bryant is going to rehab, recover and push for another comeback and a potential rebirth in his career. As of now, Bryant’s future is still undecided, which means we could just see him play for a few more years.

This was a great look inside the mind of the Black Mamba. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect his competitive mentality, work ethic and passion for the game of basketball.

Check out all the highlights from ‘Kobe: The Interview’ below.

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