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Kobe Bryant on Allen Iverson: “The Greatest Competitor I’ve Ever Played Against Other Than Michael”

Allen Iverson made a rare Instagram post yesterday to pay homage to his greatest rival, Kobe Bryant. The two had some insane battles in their prime years and have the utmost respect for one another.

Earlier this year we interviewed Allen and he praised Kobe just as much as Michael Jordan. This morning we came across Anthony Gilbert’s interview with Kobe from this past month in which he states that Iverson was the greatest competitor he ever played against beside Michael Jordan.

Kobe on Iverson from Anthony Gilbert on Vimeo.

The game hasn’t been the same since Allen left and now with Kobe on his way out we can’t help but reminisce about that golden era of basketball.

Check out our interview with Iverson from earlier this year in which he names the top five players of his era, talks Kobe vs LeBron and more.

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