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Kobe Bryant: ‘I’m the 200th Best Player in the League Right Now. I Freaking Suck’

Kobe Bryant is coming off three straight season ending injuries. Prior to the Lakers preseason, Bryant was out again for eight months and any strength coach or trainer would tell you that he’d be rusty and it could take 10-20 games at least to get back to his old-self, or at least for someone to be able to evaluate how much he actually has left in the tank.

The Lakers are off to a 0-3 start and Kobe hasn’t been shooting too well (Only made 16 of 51 field goals). His legs actually seem to be there but the shots just aren’t falling.

The Mamba’s biggest critique is himself. Following the Lakers 103-93 loss to the Mavs, Bryant admit he’s playing like “crap” and said that he’s actually the 200th best player in the league right now. Via LA Daily News:

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