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Kobe Bryant Disgusted By Lakers Postgame Celebration

Kobe Bryant was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday night, the Black Mamba promoted his upcoming documentary, talked about his relationship with Michael Jackson, his rehab, addressed his retirement and answered a few fan questions.

The funniest part of the entire segment was when Kimmel showed Kobe the Lakers goofy postgame celebration after they snapped a seven game losing streak against the Celtics.

Nick Young, Jeremy Lin, Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer were shown living it up on camera, and Bryant`s reaction was priceless. He legitimately looked disgusted and saddened to be associated with that team. He had no words.

As cringe-worthy as the celebration was, it`s good to see those guys still having fun and staying positive in what is a dark season in their franchises history.

Check out the rest of Kobe’s segment with Jimmy Kimmel below.

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