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Knicks to Hire Jeff Hornacek as New Head Coach

Jeff Hornacek hasn’t had much coaching success in the NBA, but that hasn’t stopped Phil Jackson, who also hasn’t had much success in the NBA as a president from hiring him for the struggling Knicks.

In a move that is already raising major questions, the Knicks are finalizing a deal that will make Hornacek their new head coach.

This surprise hiring also suggests that the Knicks will no longer run the triangle offense.

We may yet see the New York Knicks run an offense built to succeed in the 21st century. Former Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek will reportedly soon finalize a deal to coach the team, despite the fact that he has no formal experience running the triangle offense—a criterion that once seemed to be Phil Jackson’s philosophical mandate. The fact that Jackson made a hire from outside his withered, wretched coaching tree represents a necessary sort of compromise. One can imagine that the triangle will remain in some form. Bringing in Hornacek at least signals some attempt to modernize it.

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