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Kevin Durant Hangs Out With Allen Iverson, Pays Homage

Allen Iverson is arguably the most influential athlete of his time. The future Hall of Famer has reached God-like status among today’s NBA stars, the living legend is hard to find these days. Outside of his retirement press conference, which Ball Don’t Stop was in the house for, his jersey retirement ceremony in March, the revealing of his movie this past summer, Iverson sightings have been very rare.

A.I. always talked about how he wouldn’t be the guy you’d see in other people’s arenas after his playing days were over and he has lived true to his word. The mystique that surrounded him during his time in the league is still very much there.

This summer NBA MVP Kevin Durant told us that Allen Iverson was the guy he grew up idolizing, Durant told us that Iverson is pound-for-pound the greatest player ever. Other NBA stars expressed how much respect and admiration they have for the four-time scoring champion as well.

Iverson continues to live the low-key lifestyle he prefers, but this past weekend Durant ran into his idol and got to hang out with him.

KD posted this photo with Iverson to his Instagram and in his caption he again calls Iverson pound for pound the greatest player to have ever played the game.

In the video below KD talks about Allen Iverson, his impact on the game and calls him the pound for pound GOAT. John Wall and Damian Lillard also talk about ‘The Answer’.

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