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Kevin Durant Thinks Ty Lawson Should Be An All-Star

Ty Lawson has been having a great season he is averaging a career high 18.0 PPG and 8.0 APG, his Nuggets are 14-10 and sit at 7th place in the West. Lawson’s longtime friend Kevin Durant lobbied for him to be an all-star this season.

Via Oklahoman:

“We been through a lot together, man,” Durant said. “Been up through everything together as friends.”

“He should be (an All-Star), in my opinion,” Durant said, later explaining: “He’s not one of those sexy names like Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry. He just started to become one of those guys you depend on as a point guard. He was behind Chauncey (Billups) his first few years, and he’s eased his way into the starting lineup. Now he’s turned into a star. So, give it a few more games and you’ll start hearing Ty Lawson’s name all the time because he’s having a great season.”

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