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Kevin Durant: Seattle ‘Deserved to See Me Grow Up In The League’

One of the biggest heartbreaks in the NBA over the past decade was when the city of Seattle lost the Sonics. What hurt even more about their departure was the fact that they would go onto miss the greatness of a once-in-a-generation talent in Kevin Durant. During Bill Simmons podcast, Durant was asked if he’d consider finishing his career in Seattle. Check out what he had to say below. Transcribed by CSN Bay Area:

While appearing on The Bill Simmons Podcast recently, the NBA Finals MVP was asked if he would consider finishing his career in Seattle if the city ever got an expansion team.

“Good question. Who knows?” Durant said. “I feel like they deserved to see me grow up in the league, as far as me being drafted.”

Simmons made a comment about how terrible it was the city to lose the team which featured Durant and Russell Westbrook.

“You feel for them when it comes to that, but you never know what happens on the business side. Who knows what went on with that. But from a fans standpoint, I think from seeing us that first year and seeing the start, that’s when [GM Sam Presti] got there. I feel like they deserve to see some of that through a little bit.”

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