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Kevin Durant Says James Harden Is Better Than Dwyane Wade

KD- Dwade

Last night Sports Illustrated released its top 100 NBA players list, in this list they ranked Dwyane Wade the 8th best player in the league and left James Harden out of the top 10, Kevin Durant was asked how he felt about this ranking and he feels that James Harden has surpassed Dwyane Wade as the top shooting guard in the league. This did not sit to well with Wade who sent a letter on Instagram and Tweeted Kevin Durant, Durant responded….check out the exchange below.

Dwyane Wade writes this note and posts it on Instagram after he hears about what Durant said. He also tweeted this picture.

Kevin Durant’s Response Below..

This creates an interesting scenario, now the matches between Wade-Durant and Wade-Harden will have people watching all year long. However this does seem kind of immature and weak by D-Wade, Durant gave his opinion Wade took it to heart….James Harden is the number 1 shooting guard in the league right now.

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