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Kevin Durant On His Critics: “F*ck Em’

Reigning league MVP, Kevin Durant recently talked about his withdrawal from Team USA this summer. Durant says his withdrawal had nothing to do with a fear of being injured and losing out on a massive shoe deal, which was on the table at the time. 

People were quick to assume that Durant made a selfish decision by withdrawing, however, KD doesn’t care for those types of critics. Via USA Today: 

“Seriously, to be honest, I was like ‘(expletive) ’em.’ You can write that, too. Seriously, though. I’m just going to be me, man, and that’s how I felt.

“I was happy I took the hits, like, ‘All right, that’s going to teach me to be strong and not worry about what everybody has got to say.’ I heard it all — ‘you don’t care about your country’ to ‘you’re soft’ to all of that. Well I don’t care. These people don’t know me. They don’t know the work I’ve put in. They don’t know that I’ve done (the FIBA tournament) before, so it made me stronger.”

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