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Kevin Durant: ‘Kobe Is a God To Me’

During a YouTube live sessions on Kobe Bryant’s birthday, NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant opened up about the first time he met his basketball idol. Players who grew up watching Kobe and eventually played with him will all put him right there with Michael in the G.O.A.T convo, but KD took that respect a step further, stating that Bryant was like a “God” to him. Durant also reveals the one thing he took most from Kobe’s game was his shoot first mentality.

“I don’t remember the conversation but I can remember that I was very very… I was shaking. Kobe is a god to me, basketball-wise. So just to see him actually know my name at that time… I was 18… it was surreal,”

Did you learn anything from him?

“Yeah, every time you touch the ball, shoot it.”

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