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Kawhi Leonard: ‘I Want to be an All-Star and an MVP’

Kawhi Leonard is just 24-years old and has an NBA Finals MVP and Defensive Player of the Year Award under his belt and he’s just getting started.

This offseason, Leonard got the max deal that he was seeking and now the pressure is on. The Spurs have pretty much made it clear that he is their franchise player and Kawhi knows better than anyone that he has to take the next step.

During his camp in California this week, Leonard said he wants to become an All-Star and a league MVP one day. Via Press-Enterprise:

“I guess I’m a competitor,” said Leonard, who noted that winning championships is what motivates him to work hard and grow as a player. “I didn’t … come to the NBA for the glamor, I just wanted to help my family and help myself.
“I just wanted to do something I love; I’m not out here to be a famous athlete.”

Now that’s he’s reached a new plateau professionally, Leonard says he’s ready to make another big leap.
“I want to to be an (NBA) all-star and MVP of the regular season,” said Leonard. “I’m trying to be one of the greatest players so whatever level that consists of is where I want to take my game.”

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